Hello all!

Back to Eden Bakery is my favorite bakery, and, believe me, I have tried several. It is located on N.E Alberta in The whole place is vegan. About half is gluten free. The owners have very high standards with their products. I have sampled many of the treats! They have these lovely, moist muffins that change flavors daily, using great spices like ginger and cardamon. They offer mini banana and chocolate zucchini loaves. These (and the awesome trail mix cookies) are delicious and are also soy and corn free sweetened with coconut sugar. The quinoa bars are great also. These are similar to a super healthy granola bar. The flavors pop like  a mini party in your mouth. The cheesecake is out of this world. They offer cakes, cupcakes, pies and cheddar biscuits I am excited to explore. There is a raw black and white cake with my name on it for my next trip.

Another great thing is they have soft serve with GF cones, proving a excellent assortment of toppings and sauces. Between 4-7 is happy hour for soft serve, offering a buck off. So it’s about a 2$ cone. WHAT! Nothing is 2$ anymore. They have an assortment of coconut bliss flavors and offer milkshakes too.

Great local teas, french press local coffee, smoothies and probably much more that I don’t even notice. Oh and each time you pay cash, you get entered into a drawing for a 20$ gift certificate.

It’s a really great place and I feel so blessed to have it in my neighborhood. Stop by if you’re in the neighborhood and enjoy.



  1. Hello! Thank you so much for writing about us, we are flattered! We’re excited you’re excited about what we’re doing and all the changes we’ve made recently. There are a couple of things that are slightly inaccurate in your post we thought we’d update: everything we bake now is gluten-free. We still have a couple of gluten items in the shop (bagels, sandwiches) but all of our baking is 100% gluten-free. The bars you referred to are actually amaranth not quinoa though that would be good too! Our coffee is Cellar Door, an organic, fair-trade, locally roasted coffee, which we offer as drip not french press. Thanks again for giving us a shout out! We look forward to seeing you again!

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