Intuitive Health Moon Meditations & Clearings

Dr. Candida created this class in 2014 to help her patients and clients get centered, deepening their own intuition around their health, growth and overall well being. It has been done LIVE with Skype Options for years.  With the current state of the World, she has 2 options for you to join:

    OPTION 1 ->  I will be doing the recorded LIVE Meditation on FB Messenger recording and uploading it onto Vimeo. The cost is $22/person
    OPTION 2 -> To purchase the recording only, I am offering it by donation from $11-$22. Whatever it is worth to you and you can afford.

FYI- The recordings will be up until the next Moon. You are also free to download it.

The next one is for the New Moon Taurus- I will be offering a recorded LIVE Meditation on FB Messenger this Monday, May 9th at 7:00 PM EST. 

You can do the meditation at your convenience up to 2 week after it is released. I recommend doing it daily for maximum benefits.

Please contact Dr. Candida to purchase the meditation. You can subscribe to her mailing list for more information about all of her offerings and services on ant page of this website. 

A powerful opportunity to reconnect with yourself, set intentions, let go and manifest! The New Moon is a great time to plant seeds of intention and gather information on how to nurture these seeds (and yourself) to blossom. The Full Moon is about letting go, clarity, completion and freedom.  Retrogrades add an extra layer to different cycles making it an even more powerful time to deep dive within, reflect, reassess and do a lot of self care. Retrogrades bring anything incomplete from the past to do healing work with. All of the Re’s: Redo, reassess, revitalize, renew, rebirth…etc.,.  Eclipse seasons bring about evolution and change. The Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice are times of quietude/darkness and renewal/light. The Vernal Equinox and Autumnal Equinox are about balancing the light and darkness. These all represent the phases and seasons of contraction, expansion, reflection and action. Great additions to the Moon phases, adding extra information surrounding intentions and ultimately healing and personal growth. 

Join us in your healing and transformation in this community-based setting.



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