Naturopathic Care

Naturopathic Philosophy and Modalities

What is a Naturopath?

An ND is a Naturopathic Doctor just as MD is a Medical Doctor. We are all licensed and board certified. Our approach to health care has many overlaps but we do have fundamental differences in our focus for healing. A Naturopath spends more time collecting information than a Medical Doctor. Naturopaths are more holistic in our approach to healing and treatment. We try to support the body’s own vitality and wisdom to heal itself. We acknowledge the body, mind and spirit of the patient, creating treatment goals that are individualized for the patient. All doctors have their place in health care and should all be respected for their levels of training and expertise.

Naturopathic Philosophy

First Do No Harm

As a Naturopathic Doctor, we choose the most gentle treatments to palliate and cure with.

Doctor As Teacher

Educating the patient with their options, the way their body works and how the treatment options facilitate healing empowers the patients. I personally believe  that if the patient understands all of the steps in the process, their healing will be strengthened.

The Body Wants To Heal

The cells of our bodies are the foundation of all of the organs and systems. These cells are extremely smart and want to function well on all levels: mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. This can be done by nourishing the cells, as well as, removing the obstacles that prevent healing.


This is very mainstream in medicine today. If we can nurture the body and identify potential illness, the body will stay well.

Identify and Treat the Cause

Several therapies used in modern medicine alleviate the signs and symptoms of illness rather then address the culprit that caused the disease to begin with. Identifying this culprit is the source of healing. Palliative therapies have their place in medicine and should be used to offer comfort for the patient. It is my mission to investigate the case until I find the root cause of the disease and treat it directly.

Treat Each Person As An Individual

We are all individuals. Each treatment plan should address each patient to optimize success on their path of health.



You are what you eat! Exploring what nourishes and supports the body is a foundation of our medicine. I have a culinary arts degree and have worked as a chef for many years. I have been collecting great recipes that both nurture the body and the excite the taste buds.


Integrating a balanced exercise routine  increases energy as well as provides all of the known health benefits.


This is the use of water in various ways to support the vital energy of the body to heal itself. Handouts will be provided  for at home treatments. This is an amazing tool that has been used to cure the body of disease for hundreds of years. A fundamental tool passed down from teachers and elders before us. These therapies feel amazing. I am so happy to have this knowledge to offer my patients.

Botanical Medicine

Herbs are so unbelievably therapeutic. I use then in tinctures, pills and teas in their purest forms.


Talk therapy can be very helpful for the patient as they explore their thoughts and feeling. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. I should say I am not a psycho-analyst.

Intuitive Energy Work

I proudly studied with the well respected intuitive Reverend Lilliana Barzola in 2001 years  and have been giving readings since. I don’t have a formal name for the work I do. Some have likened it to Reiki but I have never had any training in that. Every reading, as every person, is different and expresses itself as such. I love using this in conjunction with naturopathy. I have seen great transformation with clients using it.

Flower Essence

Many have heard of Rescue Remedy. This is another favorite of gentle energy medicine. I have the essences to specifically tailor a “bouquet” that can help the patient in their own evolution.


This is very powerful energy medicine. It can be done acutely or for more chronic care. It is based on the principle of  “like attracting like”. It is a very old and fascinating therapy used.


These are additional supplements used to help support the patient. This use of vitamins, herbs, minerals, amino acids (to list a few) support and balance all of the systems of the body.

Hormone Therapy

This a low dose treatment and can be very effective in treating female as well as male disorders.  It directly corrects imbalance affecting all systems of the body.

Physical Medicine

Touch is very healing. I am licensed in manipulation. I prefer a more gentle therapy using soft tissue work, anti inflammatory creams and light manipulation. I also like to incorporate specific stretches into the treatment plan to help align the body.


I am licensed to prescribe most pharmaceuticals. I am comfortable giving the patient all of the information to help them decide what they feel comfortable with as their treatment. I am happy to responsibly prescribe drugs as well as monitor and support the patient as long as they are on them.

Initial Complete Intake (appoximately 90 minutes)- $250
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Follow up appointments – $175 (approximately 1 hour)

Follow up Appointments- $90 (Approximately 30 minutes)          

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