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Green Fresh Water Pearl Silver Earrings


These are such unique earrings, that move really well with complimenting shapes. The circles and the feather chain look great together. A must-have if you feel a strong connection to the moon! Great for everyday wear or dress them up! This is also the Cancer birthstone.

Long Tourmaline Quartz Sterling Silver Necklace


Spirit and Earth unite with this strong and simple necklace. Tourmaline, in general, is a journey through the rainbow. Each color supports us during times of change/transformation, while Clear Quartz takes on whatever healing properties you need! A comfortable statement piece to wear every day or dress up.

Magical Solar Quartz Antique Brass Necklace


Simple and comfortable, yet bold necklace! The stone, the hand-pounded metal, the paperclip chain…beautiful piece to wear. They might look like something you would only wear when you are going out, but they are pretty, romantic and sexy with a white t-shirt and jeans too. These are sure to bring heart healing and intuition!