Vital Jewelry


Vital Jewelry by Dr. Candida Schwartz, N.D.

I love stones. They have offered me so much strength, clarity and comfort throughout the years. I also love jewelry. It just really makes me feel pretty.  I started with holding stones in my bra (true story and I still do) over my heart while I was in med school. Then I found my power ring I still use today in session and wear daily. I wore a special necklace when I took my board exams for guidance, grounding and protection.

After I graduated from med school, I started studying each stone and its therapeutic properties. They naturally started showing up in sessions. Clients enjoyed learning about them.  I place my stones in salt to cleanse them then lay them outside under the Full Moon allowing the moonlight to energize them. I began making necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I would tune into the stones and the metals of the piece, connect with the earth and metal elements. It has been very therapeutic for me, my patients and clients. I decided to start sharing my practice privately and through my Etsy store “VitalTherayJewelry”.

Enjoy the stones and the healing they offer. Allow them to bring out your natural beauty and radiance as they integrate healing and balance into your life!


Each stone carries specific healing properties listed with the image on my Etsy page. In general though, the colors follow the chakras. Here are a few of the stones I work with often and a few of  therapeutics properties they offer! 

Pyrite– Powerful protective stone, shields negativity. Stone of prosperity. Stimulates intellect, memory, and clarity. Nourishing energies of the body.  Encourages the ideal of health, intellect, and emotional well-being.

Rhodochrosite- The Stone of the Compassionate Heart. Great for the Empath!  Helpful with selfless love for others by turning the healing love onto yourself. Helps heal old wounds and trauma. Inner child healing. Releasing patterns of self-destruction, allowing self-love, forgiveness, and compassion. Reclaims the person you really are. Allows you to find buoyancy and cheerful energy in the heart. Enhancing romance and passion.

Turquoise– Positive stone of luck and prosperity. For the throat and heart chakras. Great for communication, listening, and healing the heart and lungs. Clears sadness and grief. Balances earth and sky, balances opposites.

Clear Quartz Crystal- “The Master Healer”. This stone takes on the energy of whatever you need when you wear it. Helps stimulate vitality. The ultimate for clarity, purification. Great for harnessing your intuition, quieting the mind, and connecting you to Spirit!

Citrine– 3rd Chakra work. Self-actualization, purpose, will, boundaries, confidence in who you are and what you want to offer the world. Helpful with digestion also. Great for “I am…” statements.

Peridot- Brings in good health, peace, harmony, and creativity. If you struggle with jealousy, stress, anxiety, anger, guilt, resentment, spite, bitterness, irritation, hatred, and greed, these bright green stones of light will help you release these lower vibrational feelings. Reduces stress, anger, and guilt. It opens our hearts to joy and new experiences within ourselves and with others, promoting confidence and the will to grow and heal.

Sunstone– A kiss of sunshine. Happiness, laughter, good luck, fortune. Excellent for depression and calling in the light. Warming and uplifting to the heart.

Morganite- It attracts Divine Love. Known as the great alternative to diamonds, this soft pastel stone has the feel of the rainbow. The ones used for this piece are blue. Great for intuition and self-expression. Simple, pure, unconditional love…worn over the heart attracts and maintains love. Perfect for peace, joy, compassion, and inner strength. As it calls in all forms of love, it supports the wearer with old emotional wounding and trauma.

Blue Topaz- The stone for the writer and artist! A bright crystal that opens inner clarity. It helps cultivate wisdom and call in positive opportunities. This is also a stone of fidelity, honesty, loyalty, great communication, and successful love. The wearer can embrace their authentic self, self-love and enhance their personal power. Just a really uplifting, highly sought-after stone. Bright, shiny stone of guidance, deep love, and luck!

Lapis Lazuli- Opens the third eye chakra, unblocking our knowledge, intuition, and wisdom. This access to our deepest desires helps with clear thinking, clear perspectives, and decision-making. This stone feels like Royalty, accessing our internal Kings and Queens.

African Opal (similar to a Jade, Jasper, or Turquoise)- A VERY nurturing, calming, soothing stone that allows you to see all aspects and perspectives within a situation. It connects you to your psychic awareness, inspiration, creativity. A balancing stone is said to also enhance memory. This stone offers gentle protection and quiets the mind, allowing the wearer to be optimistic for the future. A very heart-healing stone!

Mother of Pearl- This is a protective, calming stone made from the shells of the sea. It is very connected to the oceans and our emotions as well as to Mother Earth herself. It stimulates imagination and intuition, supporting us in life through the ups and downs we face daily. Connecting to our intuition makes us adaptable and helps us in releasing old trauma, sadness, and negative emotions we are done with. It opens our hearts to express love and find clarity within ourselves. A balancing stone brings harmony where there is fear and other triggers, we get lost in.

Tourmaline Quartz– It has the master healing properties of Quartz and Tourmaline!  Tourmaline is great for purifying and protecting your energy. This combination is a powerful shield-stone that can amplify and return negative energy like a mirror. Conversely, it can transform negative energy into positive energy for whoever wears it. It also helps with shadow energies that cause self-sabotage. It detoxifies, balances, and harmonizes! This is an extra high-grade stone over the heart!

Aquamarine– Calming and cleansing of the sea. Worn by sailors for luck, fearlessness, protection. Protects travelers, opens the channels of clear/heartfelt communication. Stone of eternal happiness. Clears haunting & distracting emotions/memories.

Rutilated Quartz– Powerful cleansing and purifying effects. Quartz with gold threads of heavenly dust. Creates a sacred space, clears negative energy, brings your mind to the present moment. Helps find clear intentions for the highest possible version of yourself.

Tiger’s Eye– Courage, Power, Strength, Good Luck! Deepens your knowing and clarity into situations. Helps with clearing the mind, eliminating fears. Grounds and centers you into your personal power.

Serpentine (aka New Jade)- A powerful stone, connected to the energy of the snake. The snake sheds its skin after it’s outgrown it! Transformative Kundalini energy in this stone. The stone is connected to the heart chakra. There is a lot of gentle, peaceful love with this stone. It gives permission to access and embrace your soul and essence while opening up abundance in all areas of life that are soul-aligned. Offers wisdom and intuition to the wearer.

Yellow Fire Agate- The heat in this stone will reset your 3rd Chakra work. Self-actualization, purpose, will, boundaries, confidence in who you are and what you want to offer the world. Helpful with digestion also. Great for “I am…” statements.

Amethyst– Ultimate for Divine connection within the 7th chakra. Offers trust, faith, and peace. Connecting to and hearing Higher Self!

Moonstone- Very helpful at bringing out your intuition and your inner Goddess. Helpful with emotions especially around mother and fertility. This is a stone of clairvoyance. It can prevent psychic attacks. It’s balancing and allows you to connect with your own internal rhythm.
during change. MUST HAVE for the Full and New Moons!

Black Tourmaline– Great for decisiveness, self-confidence, grounding, protective, detoxifying. Helps with your confidence during times of change/transformation.

Raw Rose or Pink Tourmaline- Tourmaline in general allows you to journey through the rainbow! This pink or rose one helps strengthen the heart as you heal your old emotional wounds with tenderness and compassion. This is also wonderful for healing the wounds of the mother and the female linage. A calming stone that repairs your auric field.

Green Jasper- Very helpful for the heart. Nurturing, calming, soothing, protective, grounding. Great for those with addictions, OCD, delusions, nightmares, and those who have unhealthy attachments or boundaries with anything on Earth or otherworldly.

Blue Apatite- A stone of manifestation. Helpful at clearing away confusion and a noisy brain. Helps your gain clear insight with your higher self, expanding your knowledge, self-expression, personal power, and truth. This stone is connected to healing the structure of our bodies, specifically our bones. It is also GREAT FOR APPETITE SUPPRESSION! Helpful in the holidays and NEW YEARS!

Rose Quartz- Quartz is the DIVINE MASTER STONE. Quiets our minds so we connect to Spirit, intuition, trust, faith, and inner wisdom! Rose quartz is a variety that promotes unconditional love. It is gentle, soothing, great for healing emotions and grief. Rose quartz opens and cleanses the heart. It calls in love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and peace. A very calming and reassuring stone.

Bronzite- Leo birthstone strongly connected to Venus energy. Not only is it great for protection but it helps give unwanted energies back to who you absorbed them from. This stone is great for grounding into who you are and connecting to the sacral chakra to find your purpose with ease. Great for those that struggle with indecision. It helps with issues and situations that feel unsettled in our lives and follow our true life path! It is helpful for those that need to increase iron stores. Alkalinizes the blood which decreases inflammation and infection.

Garnet- A stone of Commitment. Grounding and revitalizing, this beauty aids in finding true love from first accessing self love and feeling whole. It energizes the heart. Opens up the deep sensuality and ignites the Kundalini by stimulating the spinal column from base to crown. Calming and centering during hard times. Inspires resilience for a new start. It is said to repair DNA.